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Published: 27th October 2009
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Videocon is the Indian Multinational that is also known as the 'desi' brand which is favourite among Indians in terms of electronic appliances. It knows its customers from their nerves as they share the same roots. Since years, Videocon has been nurturing Indian homes and ruling in their hearts. The company has always served its nation with the latest technology rich in environment friendly features and prices according to the citizens. Its popularity among Indians made it the major shareholders of the electronic industry.

There are so many categories of their products which they are providing to all type of customers. They have gone global and made a mark as an Indian industry on foreign land too. Videocon has made themselves a serious brand by building the products that are available and easily approachable for every kind of person.

Videocon Refrigerators are famous for the quality that they have in their architecture and enduring performance. They have isolated their line of refrigerators into two categories namely frost-free and direct-cool refrigerators.

Videocon have according to the needs of the India consumer but they did not introduced models like twin door refrigerators as they want to stick to the requirements of the common Indian consumer. They have around 20 models of their product line and all are providing to different needs.

Through a technical tie-up with Toshiba Corporation of Japan, it launched India's first world-class colour Videocon televisions. The path-breaking attitude of owner of this brand has made Videocon a household name across the nation, and it is the no.1 brand of consumer electronics and home appliances.

Videocon products always brought the art of technology for its customers along with its new colours and aesthetic designs. The logo of Videocon itself, reiterates the attributes of the company, which are very much dedicated towards the growth and maintenance of the standards of excellence through quality, technology and innovation. From about a decade, Videocon has been serving with the latest and the best technology along with quality and is still working hard to adapt the international technology to gratify the needs of Indians. The symbol of Videocon affirms its passion about the global impact and the Group's wide spectrum ranging from Electronics to Energy.

Another innovative design by Videocon is Watermatic which have added comforts to the already user friendly refrigerators. With this feature one can access chilled water without opening the door. Now users can drink cool and fresh water from the tiny little water fall that is built in the form of a gravity controlled water dispenser on refrigerator door.

The existing and the emerging technologies are working due to which nobody can guarantee about the environment but yes, the experts can assure about the clean, fresh and germ-free environment in people's house with the new range of air conditioners by Videocon. Videocon, promises for a greener tomorrow for a sustainable life, and introduces EcoLogic Technology in India. Videocon is an industrial conglomerate that has spread its network all over the world.

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